Royal Grand

SPA center



Royal Grand Spa Center uses mineral water from drill well No.Р-113 „Kavarna“ positioned at 2000 m. south to the Town of Kavarna,Municipality of Kavarna, District of Dobrich. It is characterized as low-mineralized, hypothermal, hydro carbonate-chloride calcium magnesium sodium water with no sanitary chemical and microbiological signs of pollution. The contents of the studied micro components are within the limits of the norms for mineral water. Water is of stable physicochemical composition and properties.

The healing and prophylactic properties of the water are determined by its low mineralization and the presence of hydro carbonate calcium, sodium, chloride and magnesium ions and of metasilicic acid in colloidal state.


When used for external balneotherapy and balneoprophylaxis /after appropriate tempering to 33-35℃/ it has beneficial effect to the following diseases:

  • peripheral nervous system /discopathy, radiculitis, plexitis, etc./
  • orthopedic diseases /for starting to move in case of post-traumatic and postoperative conditions, etc./
  • degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases /arthritis, spondylarthritis, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc./


Contradictions for external balneotherapy:

  • specific diseases
  • infectious diseases
  • active stage diseases and decompensated function of organs and systems
  • oncological diseases
  • chronic ischemic heart disease with rhythm disorders
  • epilepsy