Royal Grand

SPA center



Dear Customers,

We would like your stay with us to be pleasant. The following advices serve to guarantee your comfort.


First visit

Every new customer is welcome to our SPA center! At your convenience, you can make an introductory tour accompanied by our SPA administrators. They will be happy to show you the premises where the SPA procedures are done, they will introduce you to our services and will answer your questions. Before the first procedure, our therapist will ask you a few questions related to your health condition, physical activity, etc., which you have to answer honestly so that your stay with us could be pleasant and complete.


Making an appointment

The time and the type of the procedure and its duration should be specified in advance. You can make your reservation on:
     Extension: 614
     Mobile: +359 886 404 005


Being late or cancelling the procedure

Please do not be late for the procedure! If you come late, this might have negative effect on the customers who have appointments after yours. In case of a tight schedule, we would be forced to shorten your SPA procedure according to the delay with no correction in the price of the SPA service. We would recommend you to come to our center 5-10 minutes before the appointment in order to ensure your pleasant stay. If due to any reason you would like to cancel a procedure reserved, please do that as soon as possible. This would allow our SPA adimistrators to offer on time your appontment to another customer.


Before each procedure

Please remember that each procedure, including the visit in the thermal zone, is a passive physical exercise. That is why it is recommended not to eat any food at least one hour before your visit to our center and not to drink any alcohol during the whole day. We have a ladies’ and a men’s dressing room. Before the start of each body procedure, you need to take a shower. The warm water will prepare your muscles and make them relaxed. Please turn off the sound of your mobile device during your stay with us. Please, keep silence and talk as silently as you can.


During your stay

Do not be afraid to ask about anything you want to know. If you would like an additional procedure or wish to make a change in your procedure, please talk to the SPA administrator or to the therapist. They would do anything possible to make you feel better. The prices of the procedures do not include any service charge. If you wish, you could express your satisfaction from a particular service with a discrete additional remuneration.


Forgotten items

The Royal Grand SPA center shall not bear any responsibility for any items forgotten in the premises, in the lockers or in the pockets of the dressing gowns! Nevertheless, all found items will be kept and returned on request.



If you have any further questions or wish to share your opinion after your visit to our SPA center, please do not hesistate to email us at:


Dear Customers,

In order to guarantee your comfort and safety, the Royal Grand SPA center reserves its right to refuse SPA procedures to apparently intoxicated persons or to persons who are under the influence of intoxicants, as well as in case of any agressive behaviour or serious violation of the rules in the SPA center.