Royal Grand

SPA center

Information about spa center Royal Spa

The Royal Spa center is located in the hotel complex Royal Grand Hotel and Spa. As a location, it occupies most of the ground level of the complex. It is built entirely according to the regulatory norms and requirements for a modern spa center. The total area is approximately 650 m2.

The center works only with high-quality cosmetics of the French thalasso brand THALION. It is the first cosmetic company in the world to use all the wealth of the sea in modern cosmetology. The laboratories of the THALION institute are located on the Atlantic Ocean coast, in the region of Brittany, France. This territory is under the protection of UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. Exactly here, in the region of Brittany, the best conditions exists for growing and harvesting different types of seaweeds. In a unique natural environment with exceptionally clean seawater, algae create specific substances: proteins, minerals, microelements, vitamins and amino acids with unique healing properties on the human body.

The Bretagne Cosmetiques Marins Group, to which the THALION laboratories belong, processes and markets 10,000 tons of fresh seaweed each year.

Several areas are set apart in the center as follows:

Massage zone: Three massage cabinets are set apart, with modern equipment including massage couches, shower cabins, soft furniture and so on. Close to them a special water treatment room is built which is equipped with a tangentor bath of the latest generation of medical equipment.

Thermal zone: It occupies most of the Spa center. There are separate modules in it for: Finnish sauna, herbal sauna, steam bath, adventure showers, shock buckets, ice bowl, relax zone and salt room. The area occupied by the thermal zone is 170 m2.

Indoor pool area: It is located opposite the thermal zone in the Spa Center. It is set apart as a separate room with two entrances/exits, showers, dressing rooms and the necessary sanitary facilities. The necessary number of modern sunbeds is located in the zone, with orthopedic design providing comfort to the body. A jacuzzi for 12 people is installed in the zone, including a part intended exclusively for children.

The spa center Royal Spa is the only one of its kind in the region, with a modern design and a wide range of services offered, with the tendency to become an attractive spa and relaxation center.